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You can do nothing

He is the vine. We are only branches. Apart from him we can do nothing.

God is saving Muslims

When we sent two Shepherds Academy students to Mangochi District (the Yao heartland) in June, we honestly had very low expectations, and we were amazed to have 3 baptized believers as a result of their labors.

Let the lion out!

There’s no need to apologize for the gospel or accommodate it to current preferences. The task is to simply get the gospel out to the world and watch God act through it!

Meeting Medical Needs. Sharing Truth.

From the earliest days of the modern missionary movement, pioneered by men like William Carey and Adoniram Judson, medicine has been a vital part of the missionary task.

Lambs among Wolves

I’ve often wondered why Jesus commanded his disciples not to take anything in Luke, while after his ascension his disciples did carry supplies on their journey. Paul says that Peter and the other apostles even took along their wives (1 Cor 9:5). What was the purpose behind Jesus’ temporary command to travel with nothing in Luke?

Equipping the saints

Easter 2021 was a landmark day at Gospel Life Baptist Church. While we celebrated the resurrection of Christ, we were also able to celebrate our 2 year anniversary as a church. Two years ago, a group of about 50 born again believers met together in our school building to covenant together as an assembly under the leadership of two pastors, my Malawian team member Wilkes and myself.

He taught them, and he sent them

Leadership training isn’t optional, and it isn’t an add-on to the “real ministry” of evangelism and church planting. It is an integral and indispensible aspect of evangelism and church planting. In fact, it was Jesus’ method of church planting.

A new world is coming.

February and March are the most beautiful months in Malawi. By this time of year, the rains, which begin in November or December, have revived the grass and the trees and grown the corn, which is planted everywhere, to full size.

Changing plans…again

At the beginning of January, we started off the new term for Shepherds Academy with 32 young men, training to be pastors. Josh began teaching Theology by covering the doctrines of Christ and the Spirit while Isaac was teaching biblical counseling.

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