We train pastors through modular and residential education, so they can lead their churches to greater maturity.



We support indigenous church planters and help new churches to grow in Christ and reach their communities.



We help churches to show the love of Christ by meeting needs in their communities.

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Where We Serve


Known as the “Warm Heart of Africa,” Malawi is about the same size as Kentucky in area, but possesses more than four times the population of Kentucky with over 18 million people. 13% of Malawians are Muslim, while 82% claim to be Christians. However, many have no knowledge of the true gospel, making Malawi similar to the “Bible Belt” in America today.

The Gospel in Africa

The continent of Africa is now the home of more professing evangelical Christians than any other continent. But most pastors in Africa have received almost no biblical teaching, making Africa fertile ground for syncretism and heresy.

With campuses in Zomba and Ngabu, Malawi, we equip current pastors through modular training. Our residential program, launching in September 2019, will train young men who will be the future pastors of churches throughout southern Malawi.

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Compassion Ministries

Malawi is a country of 18 million people with only around 2,000 health professionals. Remote villages have extremely limited access to basic medical care.

Mobile Medical Clinics bring basic health care to remote villages. Through these clinics, village churches are able to show the love of Christ to their neighbors.

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The Word of God

Many members of the churches we serve don’t have a Bible, or they only have an old translation that is difficult to understand. 

The new Contemporary Chichewa Bible gives Malawi an accurate and readable translation, and we are excited to distribute them to people hungry to read and understand God’s Word. You can help us by donating. Each Bible costs $7.50.

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When you make purchases on Amazon Smile or buy Malawi Mzuzu coffee from JavAroma Roasters, a portion of your purchase will be donated to Gospel Life Global Missions. This is a great way to do good through purchases that you will make anyway.

Tropical Cyclone Idai

Many of the churches we serve have been hit hard by flooding in southern Malawi. Crops have been destroyed right before the harvest, and a hunger crisis looms on the horizon. By donating to our Disaster Relief Fund, we can assist families who will be suffering in the months ahead.