Kicking off a new school year

Launching our college program, encouraging pastors, helping churches

On Sunday, Shepherds Academy students will arrive to kick off a new year of school. It’s hard to believe that this will be the beginning of our fifth year of Shepherds Academy! It also marks the first year of our college-level program, which started earlier this month.

Pray for our students, faculty, and staff as we begin a new year of engaging God’s Word and growing as disciples of Jesus.

Encouraging pastors.

We were blessed to have Pastor Dallas Goebel from Burton Memorial Baptist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky join us this month for two pastors conferences. Dallas taught about Matthew–Romans both at our Lower Shire and Zomba campuses.

After the conferences came to a close, Isaac and Dallas hosted two youth meetings at village churches. Dallas was able to preach the gospel and challenge these young people, some of whom may be future students at Shepherds Academy.

Starting college.

We have now completed our second week of our first college-level courses, Christian Doctrine I and Greek Prep I. We have five students who are bravely taking on the challenge. All five previously graduated from Shepherds Academy and now will take their training to a higher level.

We are thankful to First Baptist Church Henderson, Kentucky for providing our students with tablets and the Logos Bible App to help with their studies. Having their own personal library will be invaluable, and several have already been using them to prepare their weekly sermons.

Helping churches rebuild and providing Bibles.

Thanks to your generous support during Cyclone Freddy, we were able to help 30 churches rebuild their destroyed or damaged buildings. By providing these churches with cement, they will be able to rebuild their churches strong than ever before.

Also, thanks to your giving this summer, we’ve placed an order for over 1,000 Chichewa Bibles that will be printing soon in China. (Yes. China!) Over the next several months, they will start their long journey to Malawi, where we will be eager to distribute them to believers.

Picture of Joshua Hutchens

Joshua Hutchens

Joshua Hutchens (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the president of Gospel Life as well as Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Missions at Overland Church in Fort Collins, Colorado. With a heart devoted to spreading the gospel, Joshua, alongside his wife Stacy Leigh and their five children, dedicated six years to serving in Malawi before returning to the United States, where he continues to lead Gospel Life.

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