Two big announcements for the year’s end

Publishing The Bible Guidebook, partnering with Spurgeon College, and giving at year's end.

As we prepare to celebrate our first Christmas in over 4 years with family in Kentucky, I wanted to drop you an early note to share two exciting announcements, as well as remind you of the importance of year-end giving for the work of Gospel Life.

Our days in the US are wrapping up quickly. We fly out on January 17, and we are incredibly thankful for all your prayers during this transitional season.

Release of the first book from Gospel Life Press!

Yesterday, we released to the world the first book from Gospel Life Press — The Bible Guidebook. (I say “we” because it is as much Stacy Leigh’s project as my own. As my hard-nosed editor, this project was truly a family affair.) 

The Bible Guidebook began life as the curriculum for several classes at Shepherds Academy: How to Study the Bible, Ancient World History, Old Testament, and New Testament. But since such simple introductions to the Bible would be valuable even in the US for personal Bible study or small groups, we decided to release it to the rest of the world.

Gospel Life Press is a name you will, Lord willingly, be hearing more and more about. Our aim is to publish biblical teaching for global pastors — for those who have low reading levels and who cannot understand the North American-based illustrations found in most simple books produced in the U.S.

You can find links to major retailers at to buy your print or ebook copy. You can also download it as a free PDF, but if you buy a copy, all royalties support the work of Gospel Life to train pastors.

Finally, make sure to order your copy in time to have it by New Year’s if you want to follow the Gospel Life Bible Reading Plan (download it here) along with the Guidebook!

Partnership with Spurgeon College coming in 2023!

Our second big announcement is the coming launch of our Shepherds Academy + Spurgeon College partnership in August 2023. Spurgeon College at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City is a like-minded school that exists “for the Church.”

Through Shepherds + Spurgeon, Malawian students will be able to earn 45 credit hours over three years for free at Shepherds Academy through courses taught by myself and visiting professors. After graduating with this Shepherds Academy Certificate in Biblical Studies, students who demonstrate competence and character will be able to transition to completing an associate or bachelor’s degree through Spurgeon College’s Global Campus online.

We prayerfully hope to launch in August 2023 with 2-4 students taking Christian Doctrine I. These students will primarily be invited from our Shepherds Academy alumni. These are young men who are competent in English and demonstrate character and gifting for greater levels of leadership in the mission.

As August gets closer, we will share more ways you can support and pray for Shepherds + Spurgeon.

Celebrate the mission of God through giving

Christmas is a holiday about the mission of God. God the Father sent God the Son in the power of God the Spirit to redeem his people. What better time of year to support the continued work of Christ through his people by his Spirit around the world!

Recurring Donations
Our number one need will always be for recurring donors who enable us to make sound financial plans for every aspect of the work of Gospel Life, from fuel to Bibles to a church planter’s bus fare. Our goal for this furlough was to increase recurring donations by $5,000/month. At the time I’m writing this, we are right at 50% of that goal.

To put this in perspective, all we need are:

1 family or church to commit to $300/month,
4 families or churches to commit to $200/month,
6 families or churches to commit to $100/month,
9 families or churches to commit to $50/month, and
10 families or churches to commit to $25/month.

While $2,500/month sounds like a large amount, whenever we as God’s people take the step of faith he puts before each of us—whether at $300/month or $25/month—God multiplies that step of faith through the unity of all his people who are all simultaneously following his leadership.

You can set up your recurring gift online or simply give by mail.

One-Time Needs
Of course, if you can’t give regularly, your one-time year’s end gift also helps us toward meeting the needs of current programs, as well as plan for special projects. 

If you would still like to sponsor a student at Shepherds Academy for the 2022-23 school year, we still have 5 students in need of sponsorship at $480 for the year or $40/month.

Thank you!
Finally, thank you, thank you, thank you! As I’ve spent the last week reviewing a lot of financial reports for the year, I’ve been incredibly humbled by how God has used so many regular people to do so much, and if we look at all you’ve done since Gospel Life’s founding in 2016, it is staggering.

Thank you for every step of faith and obedience you have taken and continue to take!

From our family to all of yours, merry Christmas!

Upcoming Visits

My tour of the US is coming to an end soon. I’m so thankful for everyone who has taken the time to learn about Gospel Life and God’s mission across the country!

Picture of Joshua Hutchens

Joshua Hutchens

Joshua Hutchens (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the president of Gospel Life as well as Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Missions at Overland Church in Fort Collins, Colorado. With a heart devoted to spreading the gospel, Joshua, alongside his wife Stacy Leigh and their five children, dedicated six years to serving in Malawi before returning to the United States, where he continues to lead Gospel Life.

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