Almost Home

Coming back to Malawi reminds us that our home is not in this world.

Where is home? 

That’s a question that can be difficult to answer when serving the Lord cross-culturally. Earlier this month, we had several teary goodbyes with family and friends as we left “home.” Nevertheless, we were all extremely excited after the long, arduous trip to Malawi, to finally arrive “home.”

As Stacy Leigh commented to the family, “There is nothing like the missionary life to remind us that our home is not in this world and that we shouldn’t feel too ‘at home’ here.”

It’s no surprise then that the recent hymn “Almost Home” has become an anthem for this season of transition.

Even as we have arrived home in Malawi, we are reminded more than ever that we are not home, but that as we walk with Jesus, we are also almost home at any moment.

Settling in and getting our family back to normal life.

Even after we’ve finished the unpacking and (hopefully) repaired our refrigerator that had stopped working, we still have a lot to do before our family gets back to normal. Stacy Leigh has spent the last few days interviewing tutors for the kids, and we pray that the Lord will guide us to the right people to entrust with the care of our children.

Perhaps, once the kids finally get back into the groove of homeschooling, Stacy Leigh and I will be freed up to focus on the various other aspects of work before us.

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Starting a new semester at Shepherds Academy.

Today, we began a new semester at Shepherds Academy. I’ll be teaching two classes this semester: Christian Doctrine II and Church History. Isaac will be teaching Counseling and Family Ministry, and then the two of us will team teach Church Planting and Pastoral Ministry before the students go home at the end of March.

Thank you for your prayers and giving.

As we travelled — almost missing one flight and worrying about the unpredictable stresses awaiting in immigration and customs — we took comfort from the fact that thousands of people were praying for us, and we saw the Lord answer those prayers as doors opened for our return again and again.

We are also incredibly thankful to the Lord for using so many of you to give us a solid foundation for this next term in Malawi. Generous churches and families helped us toward 70% of our recurring fundraising goal for this furlough, and we know that God will gladly supply the rest of our needs in his perfect timing.

We praise God for getting us here and providing for our needs, and we look forward to sharing with you everything he does over the next few years in Malawi.

Picture of Joshua Hutchens

Joshua Hutchens

Joshua Hutchens (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the president of Gospel Life as well as Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Missions at Overland Church in Fort Collins, Colorado. With a heart devoted to spreading the gospel, Joshua, alongside his wife Stacy Leigh and their five children, dedicated six years to serving in Malawi before returning to the United States, where he continues to lead Gospel Life.

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