Missionaries who live in Malawi have given years of their lives to develop relationships and gain trust. Short-term team members should contribute to the building of that trust and should not damage it in any way.

1. I will walk in holiness in all areas of my life as an act of worship to Jesus Christ. I will seek to set an example to other believers in speech, conduct, faith, and purity.

2. I will honor and value my co-laborers in the ministry and will respect them regardless of gender, race, nationality, class, or education. I will value each individual as created in the image of God.

3. I will pursue brotherly love and will refrain from gossip, strife, and excessive anger. I will be slow to take offense and always be ready for reconciliation, seeking it without delay.

4. I will refrain from complaining. I know that international travel can present unexpected and undesired circumstances. Every word that I speak should be glorifying to God.

5. I will remember that I am a guest of the missionaries, nationals, and country that I am visiting. I will do my best not to offend my hosts in my appearance, actions, or attitudes.

6. I will abstain from the use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal substances.

7. I will abstain from sexual immorality, which includes (but is not limited to) fornication, premarital sex, pornography, adultery, and homosexual practices. If unmarried, I will practice complete chastity. If married, I will practice complete fidelity within heterosexual and monogamous marriage. I believe that my biological sex at birth is a gift from God, and my gender identity will conform to my biological sex at birth.

8. In as much as it applies to my short-term service, I will adhere to Gospel Life’s Code of Christian Conduct.

9. If I serve in a teaching or personal discipleship capacity, I will teach in accordance with and not in violation of Gospel Life’s statement of faith (Baptist Faith & Message 2000).

10. I am responsible to pay the total financial sum of my expenses as calculated by Gospel Life. If airline tickets have been purchased, I am responsible to pay Gospel Life the full sum for them, and even if for some reason I am unable to go on the trip, I am still responsible to pay Gospel Life.

11. I will embrace accountability since it is for God’s glory and for my good. I will submit to the leadership of Gospel Life, my local church, and my team leader.

12. In the event my conduct is considered so unsatisfactory that it jeopardizes the success of the trip, and that mediation during the trip has failed to correct my behavior, that my services in connection with this mission shall end and I shall return home immediately at my own expense

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