Reflections on furlough with special guests, the Hutchens kids

To kick off season 5 of the Gospel Life podcast, Josh and Stacy Leigh Hutchens sit down to reflect on their recent furlough in the U.S. Then they are joined in the second half of the show to hear from the Hutchens kids about what they loved and didn’t like about furlough in America.

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Seven Years with Autism

For Autism Awareness Month, Josh and Stacy Leigh Hutchens reflect on the seven years since their son’s diagnosis. From practical tips to the emotional ups and downs of raising a child with special needs, this episode covers it all.

Graduation Sermon: Focus on the Unseen Things

In this bonus episode of the podcast, listen to Josh’s sermon to the first graduating class of Shepherds Academy. He speaks from 2 Corinthians 4 as he challenges the graduates to focus on the unseen things.

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