Christmas in Malawi means rain, heat, and mangos. It doesn’t always feel like Christmas to us, but the meaning of Christmas is the same—God became man and was born into the family of David to save us from our sins!

This is the gospel message that we proclaim throughout the year, and we get to celebrate that message during this season!

Shepherds Academy

Our 32 residential students have all gone home to celebrate the birth of Christ with their families, but they will be back for another term on January 3. When they return, they will continue studying Systematic Theology as well as counseling, biblical family, and church history.

Sponsor a Student

We currently have 9 new students that still need sponsorship. You can sponsor a student for $30/month or $360/year, and when you do, you will receive a profile of the student you have sponsored so you can pray for him.
Our residential students took an intense final exam in Systematic Theology I before heading home for Christmas.

Mobile Medical Clinics and Kiki

We are so happy for Gospel Life teammate Kiki Cunningham. Covid-19 changed her plans to be in Malawi this year, but during that time God brought Chad Canerdy into her life. They were recently engaged, and they will be tying the knot soon. We are happy to welcome Chad into the Gospel Life family.

Kiki will continue to work with our mobile medical clinics here in Malawi, although she won’t be living here long-term. She is planning on coming for short trips during the months of April and July in 2021 to serve with us here.

If you’ve been supporting Kiki and the mobile medical clinics, please know that this ministry will continue to serve the temporal needs of Malawians in order to point them to their eternal need for Jesus! Even when Kiki isn’t in Malawi, the ministry that is so dear to her heart continues.

A growing team. A growing work.

We are also excited to announce that our Malawian teammate Isaac, who teaches with Josh in Shepherds Academy and shares the gospel at mobile medical clinics, is marrying Susan Manjombe after Christmas. Susan is a member of Gospel Life Baptist Church and is currently studying nursing.

God has been growing our team, and we look forward to see how he will expand our work in 2021. We know that his plans are bigger and better than any we make for ourselves.

Prayer Points


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