Disciple our children, disciple the world.

For parents, making disciples of all nations starts in our own homes. We want to help families with intentional, in-depth, and easy-to-implement resources to disciple our growing children.

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About us

We have lived as missionaries in Zomba, Malawi since 2018, and we are blessed with five children between the ages of six and fifteen and a menagerie of pets.

Joshua holds a PhD in biblical theology from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has published articles in several evangelical journals and worked for Zondervan as a theological review editor on two study Bibles. He was a pastor in Kentucky for six years, and he served for two years at EurAsian Baptist Bible Institute in Vatici, Moldova teaching New Testament.  Joshua is the founder and president of Gospel Life, where he teaches and disciples pastors at Shepherds Academy.

Stacy Leigh is a graduate of Murray State University and previously worked for Crossings Camps, an evangelical camp ministry in Kentucky. She was a pastor’s wife for six years, with the plethora of roles that entails, and has been a missionary for seven years, first in Moldova and now in Malawi. She serves Gospel Life in multiple capacities, including teaching the women through Bible studies and conferences, while also running their home.

Joshua has recently published The Bible Guidebook, which Tom Schreiner called, “an amazingly comprehensive guide to the history, interpretation, theology, and message of the Bible.” It is already being translated into Chichewa, French, and Hausa in order to serve more of the global church.

Teach your kids God's Word as they grow

As missionaries, we’re passionate about making God’s word easily accessible to everyone. As parents of tweens and teens, we noticed a glaring hole in the discipleship resources available to parents with older kids. So we’re writing one ourselves.

Many Christian parents of tweens and teens find themselves in a predicament. They understand the importance of discipling their children in God’s word, and deeply desire to do so. But as their children grow out of story Bibles and simple devotionals, they feel unequipped and insufficient to lead their older children in studying the Bible. 

Meeting the Messiah: A Family Devotional Through the Gospel of Matthew will build on the solid foundation parents have laid in their children’s hearts by providing parents with in-depth teaching through the entire book of Matthew at a level that is appropriate for tweens and teens.

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