I’m going to let it shine.

I’m not good at motions. Few things are more frustrating to me than trying to remember the words and tune of a song while also being expected to do something simultaneously with my hands. Of course, motions have an educational value. The extra physical movement helps plant a song into a child’s memory. Will I ever forget holding out one finger and singing “This Little Light of Mine?” Probably not. I hope not.

That song taught me that I have a light-giving message to bear in a dark world. The gospel of Jesus enlightens us to true reality and by doing so draws us into the beauty of that reality, which radiates from Christ himself. The light of the gospel opens blind eyes to our terrifying and dreadful state of sin and condemnation, but it also illuminates the beauty of Jesus and the hope and joy that he is. When we possess this light of the gospel, we have a duty to bear the gospel to those still in darkness.We have a duty to bear the gospel to those still in darkness. Click To Tweet

Bearing the light of the gospel will bring us into conflict with God’s enemies. Satan wants to blow out our light. He blows through the busyness of our lives that distracts us from sharing the gospel. He blows through the anxieties that consume our thoughts. He blows through the precious sins that we won’t give up. He blows like a tornado through the daily concerns of life. And unfortunately most of us are blind to his activity.

But bearing the light of the gospel also brings us into conflict with ourselves. We are tempted to hide our light under a bushel (That’s a basket for those of you who still haven’t figured it out. As a kid, I had no idea what a bushel was!). The call of Jesus is exhaustive: take up your cross and follow him to your own death (Mark 8:34), hate your family for his sake (Luke 14:26). It is no wonder that we are tempted to dim his light. “Just a little shade,” we say. Just enough so that we don’t look too weird, too freakish, too sold out, too extreme.Bearing the light of the gospel will bring us into conflict with God's enemies. Click To Tweet

But the call of Christ is to let our light shine until Jesus comes. As missionary-martyr Jim Elliot said, “Our orders are: the Gospel to every creature.” He took those orders seriously, even though it led him to the end of tribal spears in Ecuador. Christ doesn’t call us to await his return by studying end times charts and trying to interpret current events through the lens of Revelation and Daniel. Nor does he call us to await his coming in the luxurious comfort of our domestic castles or keeping quietly to ourselves. We are called to await his return by being aflame with the message of Jesus. He calls us to work for him so that we will be found faithful servants at his return.

This is the final post in a series on VBS. For the whole series, click here. We want to partner with you to teach your kids about God’s plan for the world that we call “Missions.” Check out the resources  we’ve put together to help with your church’s VBS missions offering.


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