Healthy churches are led by godly pastors

One of my fundamental beliefs about the local church is this:

Healthy churches are led by godly pastors.

While I’ve known many godly pastors who have led—or rather attempted to lead—unhealthy churches, I have never known a healthy church that was led by an ungodly pastor. Sure, we all know the church that looked good on the outside until it was revealed that the pastor was engaged in sin. But while such churches can appear healthy, it is later revealed that they were full of rot on the inside. But when it comes to churches that are truly healthy—not just those that appear so externally—you will find that they are led by godly pastors. It is simply a law of the universe: Healthy churches are led by godly pastors.Healthy churches are led by godly pastors. Click To Tweet

But here is a second truth: Godly pastors are grown, not graduated. I think all my seminary professors would have agreed with this statement. Men don’t become godly because they made an A in New Testament I or Systematic Theology III. Walking across a stage and holding in your hands a BA, MA, MDiv, ThM, PhD, or whatever combination of letters you prefer will not make you a godly pastor. Godly pastors are grown through both their daily personal walk with the Lord as well as through mentor relationships that God places in their lives.Godly pastors are grown, not graduated. Click To Tweet

Since godly pastors are grown, not graduated, then Gospel Life Global Missions must provide a particular type of pastor training. Pastor training needs to focus on the whole person, not just the head. Do we want pastors to know the doctrine of the Trinity? Yes! Absolutely! But we cannot be satisfied with students knowing the doctrine alone. We want our students to know the Trinity. We want them to grow in their relationship to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as they walk in the truth. We know that only those who walk with God can lead others to do the same.


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