Gospel Life Minute: Psalms 1-2

In Gospel Life Minute, missionary and president, Josh Hutchens, attempts to say something significant in under 60 seconds. He just beats the buzzer today as he explains how Psalms 1-2 are lenses through which we are to read the entire book of Psalms.

Psalm 1 says: Blessed is the man who delights himself in the law of God. He’s like a tree planted by water. His leaves never wither, but the wicked are like chaff that are blown away. Psalm 2 begins with those wicked, the kings of the earth, who are plotting against God to overthrow Him. But God just sits in the heavens, and He laughs. His Messiah, His Anointed King, is coming at Zion, and He’s going to break the nations with a rod of iron. That King is the same blessed man in Psalm 1. This is a King who delights himself in God’s law, and therefore is bringing God’s kingdom forever over all the earth.

When we read the rest of the Psalms, these are like two lenses to look through. When the bad times happen, what do the psalmists do? They go back to their faith in God, and they wait for Him. What are they waiting for? They’re waiting for this forever kingdom to come, which we know is in Jesus.


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