Author: Josh Hutchens

Jesus the Teacher (Part 2)

Last week, I began discussing lessons from Jesus’ teaching ministry. The education of pastors is the central task of Gospel Life Global Missions, and these lessons from Christ are principles

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Jesus the Teacher (Part 1)

A new school year has begun. Walmart forewarned us on July 5th by immediately replacing flags and sparklers with notebooks and pencils, but now it is here. The beginning of

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I’m going to let it shine.

I’m not good at motions. Few things are more frustrating to me than trying to remember the words and tune of a song while also being expected to do something

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Yes, Jesus Loves Me

No song is more basic, and yet no song is more profound. That simple truth—Jesus loves me—is the Truth. Jesus loves me. Jesus died for me. Jesus lives for me.

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Pastors on Bicycles

Nobody wants their pastor to look poor. I represent God. I dress well to show who I represent… I don’t want to be one of those pastors on a bicycle.

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Tropical Cyclone Idai

Many of the churches we serve have been hit hard by flooding in southern Malawi. Crops have been destroyed right before the harvest, and a hunger crisis looms on the horizon. By donating to our Disaster Relief Fund, we can assist families who will be suffering in the months ahead.