Author: Josh Hutchens

00 | The Preview Episode

Meet Josh and Stacy Leigh Hutchens, founders and missionaries of Gospel Life Global Missions (a.k.a. the Chip and Joanna Gaines of Global Missions…you be the judge). In this preview episode,

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Where do most Protestants live today?

The Protestant Reformation began five-hundred years ago today with a courageous (and perhaps slightly crazy) Augustinian monk nailing ninety-five theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. Martin Luther declared

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Escalating Impossibility

I keep deluding myself into thinking that one day life will be easy. Isn’t that the American Dream—or rather the American Expectation? You may—even should—struggle early on in your adult

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Gospel Life Minute: Psalms 1-2

In Gospel Life Minute, missionary and president, Josh Hutchens, attempts to say something significant in under 60 seconds. He just beats the buzzer today as he explains how Psalms 1-2

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Tropical Cyclone Idai

Many of the churches we serve have been hit hard by flooding in southern Malawi. Crops have been destroyed right before the harvest, and a hunger crisis looms on the horizon. By donating to our Disaster Relief Fund, we can assist families who will be suffering in the months ahead.